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About ZET

Zagreb Municipal Transit System or ZET (Zagrebački Električni Tramvaj) is a branch of the Zagreb Holding specialized for passenger transportation in the city of Zagreb and one part of the Zagreb County. It uses buses, trams and cable car to organize a transportation of students and also provides special transportation to people with disabilities. It is exclusively owned by the city of Zagreb and it is mainly financed through its budget.

It was founded in 1891 as the Društvo konjski tramvaj (Horse Tram Association), which was the forerunner of the joint stock company established in 1892-Zagrebački tramvaj (Zagreb Tram), Zagrebački Električni tramvaj (Zagreb Electric Tram) established in 1909, and Zagrebački Električni Tramvaj (Zagreb Electric Tram) Ltd. The City Assembly of Zagreb made a decision on the 20th of December to pass the founding rights and shares of ZET Ltd. and other 22 companies owned by the city of Zagreb to The City Housing and Public Utility Services Ltd., which took over the role of Holding. Since the 1 of July 2006 ZET is a branch of the Zagreb Holding.

ZET, aside from its primary function, passenger transportation, in more than one century of its existence, greatly influenced the development of Zagreb, and this influence continues to grow by covering important day routes people take in Zagreb and suburban areas with its extensive tram and bus system. However, ZET continues to follow the city development and connects many newly built districts, and together with the City District Councils adapts the routes and stations to address the needs of citizens.

Thanks to financial support of the city and citizens of Zagreb many projects came through in the last couple of years which contributed to substantial progress in the development of public transit system. So far 70 new, modern, low-floor trams were purchased and the delivery of the second series which includes 70 low-floor trams is scheduled for March 2008. During 2009. was acquired and 214 low-floor buses.

Following the environmental standards, in the year 2007 ZET started to use biodiesel in public transportation vehicles, and from 2008. used compressed gas.picture044

The radio connection system is modernized and traffic monitoring and control are also computerized by introducing vehicle location system. Setting up the infrastructure for 147 displays on tram and bus stations, on which passengers should be able to receive real-time arrival information, is in progress.

The project of digital and automatic public transport charge, the so called smart cards, started in 2008.

With the realization of all the projects ZET and the city of Zagreb, when it comes to quality of public transportation service, should not only meet but also surpass European standards.

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