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uspinjačaFunicular for Upper City (Gornji Grad) is the oldest transportation system of organized public transit system in Zagreb. It is one year older than a horse-drawn tram. In comparison to other funicular railways intended for public transport, Zagreb’s 66 meter long funicular is the shortest in the world. Although its participation in public transport is minor, its dimensions (two cars) and spatiality make it a significant transportation vehicle. It passes 4000 kilometers a year and carries around 750.000 passengers. In more than one century of its existence there was not a single accident, injured passenger, and therefore it is called by far the safest public transport system, not only in Croatia but also broad wide. Since it kept its original appearance and construction, and most of the technical characteristics, the Zagreb funicular is legally protected as a cultural monument.



Working day, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 6.30 to 22 o’clock


Departure every 10 minutes


Average driving speed: 1.5m/s
Driving period: 64s
One car capacity: 28 adults, 16 seated, 12 standing


for passenger and luggage transportation in funicular

One ride4 kn
Excess luggage transportation4 kn
Smaller and lighter hand luggage, which passenger keeps in his/her hands and does not take up space, is carried free of charge
One urgent ride20 kn


Passengers should be placed around the cabin to fill in all the seating positions, and those standing should hold handrails and holders.
During the ride no passenger movement is allowed in the cabin.
Luggage that is being carried should be placed in order not to obstruct passengers.
Children under the age of 7can ride funicular only accompanied by an adult, 3 children maximum.
School children transportation goes according to the schedule given by funicular personnel.
Passengers are advised to stick to these instructions and instructions given by funicular personnel.

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