Single fare, daytime (validity 90 minutes)​ HRK 10,00
Single fare, daytime (validity 60 minutes) HRK 7,00
Single fare, daytime (validity 30 minutes) HRK 4,00
Single fare, night time HRK 15,00

Tickets purchased from the drivers

Single fare, daytime (validity 90 minutes) HRK 15,00
Single fare, night time HRK 15,00
Daily ticket HRK 30.00

Funicular fare

Funicular fare – one-way  HRK 5,00
Emergency ride fare​ HRK 25,00

Multi-day tickets

Daily ticket, all-day fare HRK 30.00
3 days HRK 70.00
7 days HRK 150.00
15 days HRK 200.00
30 days HRK 400.00

Annual prepaid coupons can be paid by cards issued by commercial banks, and they are payable in one or more instalments.

For one-off cash payment of the general annual ZET coupon, we offer 10% discount, the total purchase price thus amounting to HRK 3,132.00. As of March 1st, 2017, in case of one-off cash payment, we offer 10% discount on all types of annual coupons covering the services of both ZET and HŽ, with the final price of the general coupon thus being HRK 4,320.00, whereas for other types of coupons (for pupils, students and pensioners), the price is reduced at HRK 2,160.00.