Paper tickets may be purchased in ZET’s ticket offices or at kiosks of our partners. From 1st of July 2018., the only tickets that can be bought  from the driver are tickets worth 15 kunas, wich are valid 90 min. in one way and in one tariff zone, and daily tickets.
Each individual zone requires the appropriate paper ticket for the ride. For a ride within the first or second zone during daytime transport, we offer paper tickets at the price of HRK 4.00, which is valid for 30 minutes, paper tickets at the price of HRK 7.00, which is valid for 60 minutesas, well as paper tickets which cost HRK 10.00 and are valid for 90 minutes. In contrast to the stored-value card, a single i.e. paper ticket is valid for travel in one direction only and the ticket has to be cancelled immediately upon boarding the vehicle.
Machines for cancelling paper tickets are installed near the first door of the vehicle, whereas in low-floor trams they are also installed at the rear door.