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Tram lines
Transport of passengers in Zagreb as we know it today would be unimaginable without trams, which have been operating safely through the streets of Zagreb for more than a century, running along a 120-kilometre-long track.

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Bus lines
Our bus service, running on 147 daytime and four night lines, connects the areas of the City of Zagreb, Velika Gorica and Zaprešić, with organized passenger transport services provided in the municipalities of Bistra, Luka and Stupnik.

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Cable car for the Upper Town is the oldest means of transport of the organized public transport in Zagreb. It connects the Lower and the Upper Town every working day, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 6:30 a.m. till 10 p.m.! It runs every ten minutes and the price of one ride is 0,66 € (HRK 4.97). If needed, passengers can order an emergency ride which costs 3,32 € (HRK 25.01).

When compared to other cable railways in the public transport, the Zagreb cable car is the shortest in the world with the length of the track of just 66 meters. Since it has kept till today its original appearance, construction and the most of the original technical characteristics, the Zagreb cable car is under protection as a cultural monument.

1,5 m / sec

64 seconds

28 adults
16 seating places
12 standing places

Cable Car
The new Sljeme cable car connects Gračansko dolje with the peak of Sljeme, via Brestovac where the intermediate station is located.

The cable car air route is about 5km long and to its passengers offers an impressive view of Zagreb and its surroundings.

The maximum speed is 6 meters per second, which means that passengers can get to Vidikovac in just over 16 minutes.

The maximum capacity of the cable car is about 1500 passengers per hour, who will be driving in 84 comfortable and modernly equipped cabins with 10 seats each.

The elevation distance between the lower and upper station is 754 meters. The height of the pillars is 6,05 up until 43,51 meters, depending on the terrain features.

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