Responsibilities of the public transport operator

We hereby provide an overview of the most common dilemmas that pertain to the scope of obligations that ZET as the provider of public transport services must fulfil.
  • Driver has to stop the vehicle at all stops located along the route, whereas passengers are allowed to enter or exit the vehicle only at designated stops and this only after the vehicle has come to a standstill, except in cases of a longer halt.
  • As an exception, a bus driver is not required to stop the vehicle at all stops along the route if there are no passengers in the vehicle who wish to exit and if there is nobody waiting to board at the stop.
  • Driver may not put the vehicle in motion or drive with a door open, which is also automatically prevented.
  • Driver is required to treat passengers politely.
  • While driving, the driver may not engage in conversation with passengers.
The goal of every public transport operator is to ensure that transport takes places as usual, regardless of the conditions, in line with the currently valid schedule. Unfortunately, traffic flow is also frequently affected by external factors, some of which can hardly be prevented. Traffic disturbances are usually caused by traffic accidents, congestions and breakdowns. In such cases, passengers may request and obtain a certificate on irregular service of a particular line, by submitting a request to the Department for Public Relations, Ozaljska 105, on business days from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.