Stored-value card and multi-day ticket

Stored-value cards are ideal for passengers who only occasionally use public transport in Zagreb. It is valid in all zones and for all lines, and it may also be shared with other users. After boarding the vehicle, the stored-value card has to be held against the registration machine. Charging of a single fare of 1,33 € on the stored-value card allows passengers to ride by tram, bus or funicular in the first zone for 90 minutes, in any direction.
Single fare of 1,33 € is also available for the second zone, with 90-minute validity.
Each zone requires the appropriate fare to be selected. In case of shorter-distance rides within the first and second zones during daytime transport, fare of 0,53 €, with validity of 30 minutes, is also available, well as paper tickets which cost  0,93 €, which is valid for 60 minutes.

Before holding your card against the registration machine, use the display interface of the machine to select the desired fare.
If you hold your electronic card against the validator without having previously selected a 30-minute fare or any other option on the display interface, the price of an ordinary 90-minute fare valid for one ride made within a single zone, i.e. an amount of 1,33 €, will be deducted from the balance available on the card.
If you have paid for fare of 0,53 € which is valid for 30 minutes and you must switch lines to resume your travel, upon boarding the connecting vehicle it is enough to hold the card against the machine in order to register.
Special attention is to be paid to the time that has elapsed from the start of the travel, i.e. one should be aware of the remaining time paid, because credit will be deducted from the card if validity time confirmed at the previous registration has passed.
A card may be purchased for a fee of 1,33 € either in ZET’s ticket offices or offices of our partners, on which occasion the user determines the amount of money to be loaded to the card - maximum amount being 132,72 € -, which amount is then available for the payment of transport services.
The stored-value card may be used in order to pay transportation services provided for more than one person and it is also possible to use it for pay for all-day fare.
All-day fare costs 3,98 € and it is valid for rides made within the area of the City of Zagreb, i.e. within the first zone.
On the other hand, by purchasing a multi-day ticket, a user pays for transport services for a predetermined period of 3, 7, 15 or 30 days, and thus obtains the right to an unlimited number of rides by tram, bus or funicular, within the first ZET tariff zone, during both daytime and night service.
A multi-day ticket is available for purchase exclusively at ZET’s ticket offices.
Users of stored-value cards are required to register upon every boarding of a vehicle by holding the card against the registration machine. After registration, information on validity status of the card will be displayed. The card will be charged only if the period of time foreseen for travel confirmed at the previous registration has elapsed.