Moj ZET App makes traveling around Zagreb easier than ever. It’s an app which offers various options such as buying individual tickets for Zagreb public transport provider ZET, as well as to register active tickets when switching vehicles.
The application is supported by smartphones with OS version Android 5+ and iOS 9+. The mobile app is available on the official Google Play or Apple store. You can download the App for free.
For the registration you need to enter your email address, which is used for login, and a password. The password needs to have a minimum of 6 alphanumeric characters with both capital and small letters.
If you have a sufficient amount of money on your balance, you can buy a ticket by scanning the QR code or using NFC technology by leaning your device next to the QR code in the vehicle. After purchasing a ticket, it is visible to the passenger on his active tickets screen, where the remaining validity period is displayed, as well as the traffic area for which it is valid. The application will notify the user about the expiration date of the ticket and when the remaining validity period will be 20% of its total duration.
If you have an active ticket, by choosing option “I'm changing vehicle” which is placed under your active ticket, you can register your trip in the new vehicle. If you have more than one active ticket, by one QR code scan or NFC registration, you validate all your tickets.
When the controller asks to check your ticket, you can select the top icon on the tickets screen. The controller will scan the barcode which gives the insight about the ticket and its validity. Everything will be displayed on your mobile screen.