Within our public transport network, in all vehicles operating on tram and bus routes, employees of the Ticket Inspection Department control the validity of passengers’ travel tickets or cards on a daily basis.

In order to make sure that the quality of our transportation service continues to improve and in order to avoid transportation process slow-down, it is in our mutual interest to ensure successful collaboration of our inspection staff and passengers.
It is important to know that, while on duty, ticket inspectors may wear either plain clothes or an official uniform. During inspection, every inspector must identify him/herself by an official identification badge, whereas it is also recommended that they clearly display the badge on their civil or official clothes.

On the other hand, a passenger is obligated to show a valid travel ticket or card at the inspector’s request. In case a passenger fails to provide one or if it has expired, he/she is obligated to provide trustworthy information on his/her identity to the inspector. Should the passenger refuse to provide the requested information to the inspector or should he/she disrupt every form of polite communication, the inspector is entitled to seek assistance of police officers.
Any well-founded fine-related complaints may be submitted either by sending an e-mail to the address: karte@zet.hr or in person at our offices in Ozaljska 105, Department for Tariff Protection, every business day from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., but no later than 8 days after the offence.
Official regulations of Zagreb’s public transport operator stipulate that “any passenger who fails to provide a valid travel ticket at the request of a person authorized by the public transport operator during ticket inspection shall be required to pay a fine in the amount ranging from 66,36 - 106,18 € for this offence”.

On the basis of trustworthy documentation, i.e. public transport operator’s report, competent municipal authorities shall issue to the perpetrator a statement on the offence committed, ordering payment of half of the prescribed minimum amount of fine, i.e. 33,18 €. If the perpetrator pays the aforementioned fine, no misdemeanour procedure shall be initiated.

If the perpetrator fails to pay the declared fine, a mandatory misdemeanour warrant shall be issued, stipulating the costs of the misdemeanour procedure, which must be settled within 8 days. The fine stipulated in the mandatory misdemeanour warrant shall be considered as completely settled if the perpetrator pays two thirds of the stipulated penalty, i.e. if he/she pays 44,20 € and the costs of the procedure amounting to 26,54 €. If the perpetrator submits a complaint in relation to the fine as stipulated in the mandatory misdemeanour warrant, the initiated misdemeanour procedure shall be resumed before the competent court; otherwise, an enforcement procedure shall be initiated.

Official document issued by the ticket inspector to the passenger who fails to provide a valid ticket contains details on the gyro account number and reference number to which payment must be made either by a general payment slip or online bank transfer.
This is why “no ticket” is the most expensive fare!