The prepaid card substitutes the former monthly or annual pass and is intended primarily for passengers who use public transport on a daily basis.
A prepaid card may be used only by the person to whom it was issued and it becomes valid only after the so-called “prepayment coupon” has been paired with it (the prepayment coupon substitutes the former “stamp”).
After electronically pairing the prepaid coupon with your card, which is how payment is effectively made for the fare, the card becomes valid for a fixed period of time and for a specific transport area, depending on the type of the prepaid coupon paired with the card.
The card itself has a validity period of 3.5 years from date of issue, regardless of any changes in the status or profile of the user, which means that it shall not be reissued if the user’s education, employment or other status changes.
Within this period of time, the card may be topped up with monthly or annual prepaid coupons.
You may use your prepaid card as a stored-value card, in which case you deposit money on the card, up to the maximum amount of 132,72 €, and then use to amount to pay the fare for individual rides. When paying the fare on board a vehicle, the relevant amount will be deducted from the total credit amount deposited on the card.
In order to obtain a prepaid card, the user must submit a Request for Issuance, one photograph sized 3x3.5 cm and other necessary documents, as stipulated on the back of the request form, depending on the type of travel card that one wishes to obtain. Card issuance fee amounts to 3,98 € and must be paid upon submission of Request for Issuance.
If you need a ZET prepaid card that also covers HŽ train services provided on the territory of the City of Zagreb, you should inform our staff thereupon prior to issuance.
If the card is lost, the user has only to fill out a Record of Complaint, and submit it at the complaints desk, ZET Administration Building, Ozaljska 105.
A fee amounting to 3,98 € shall be charged for re-issuing of a replacement card and it shall be covered by the user.
After registering upon entrance into the vehicle by holding the card against the validator, a message on card validity shall be displayed on the validator screen.